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World Cruising news stories

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ARC Caribbean 1500 will arrive into Nanny Cay, Tortola BVI as planned . 15/09/2017

World Cruising Club has announced to skippers today that the ARC Caribbean 1500 will continue as per the published schedule to Nanny Cay, Tortola this November.Hurricane Irma, the strongest storm to hit the Leeward Islands in decades, caused widespread damage to the BVIs, surrounding Caribbean islands and beyond. World Cruising Club has been keen to ensure that the rally going to the BVI should benefit the community there, rather than add to their burdens, and that the marina should be a safe and secure place to take boats on the annual passage. As communications have slowly been restored, a clearer picture of the effects of Hurricane Irma has emerged, and the viability of the best arrival port has been considered to ensure another successful edition of the ARC Caribbean 1500 takes... Click here for more info..

Hurricane Irma - ARC Caribbean 1500 and ARC Bahamas in BVI and Bahamas. 08/09/2017

ARC Caribbean 1500 and ARC Bahamas RalliesHurricane Irma has left a trail of destruction across the northern Leeward Islands, including the... Click here for more info..

The 27th Caribbean 1500 Wraps Up in Tortola. 18/11/2016

For the third time in six years, the Caribbean 1500 got off a day ahead of schedule to take advantage of a promising weather window to get... Click here for more info..

All Boats Have Completed Caribbean 1500 / ARC Bahamas 2016!. 18/11/2016

Passion Place pulled into Nanny Cay Marina last night to raucous applause, loud toots from the airhorn and a rowdy crowd lined up on the... Click here for more info..

All aboard the fun bus!. 16/11/2016

The island tour has just left the marina with 50 of the crews in 2 buses set to see some of the delights of Tortola, the main island of the... Click here for more info..

Caribbean 1500 Nanny Cay Update. 15/11/2016

Hi everyone!As I type, 27 boats have already lived to Nanny Cay, a very fast year! Andy and myself arrived with crew yesterday morning and... Click here for more info..

Superhot & Supermoon in Nanny Cay!. 14/11/2016

Good morning from Nanny Cay where it is superhot even by 8am in the morning, current temperature here is a balmy 84'F (29'C) and crews are... Click here for more info..

News update from roving reporter Scott Free!. 12/11/2016

As a quick Rally news update the Bahamas fleet have all arrived in Marsh Harbour with Lee & Rachel there to meet them in some warm &... Click here for more info..

Crossing the midway point. 09/11/2016

It’s very easy to sit sipping a coffee watching the fleet viewer with the boats slowly tracking south and wonder what it is actually like... Click here for more info..

Sailing South!. 07/11/2016

Looking out onto the Ocean Yacht Marina it is very quiet now on the docks with all of the rally boats having departed.In the first 48 hours... Click here for more info..

The rallies set sail from Portsmouth!. 05/11/2016

Yesterday morning began with the announcement that the rallies would be leaving a day early to get out and across the gulf stream before a... Click here for more info..

Countdown to the Carib 1500 / ARC Bahamas Start. 03/11/2016

While it's still too early to call it 100%, as of Thursday morning the weather forecast is looking good for an on-time start! Fingers are... Click here for more info..

Styles by Jake: Haircuts at the Carib 1500!. 02/11/2016

We’ve had another beautiful day for the 2016 Caribbean 1500 program and preparations here in Portsmouth. A few more boats arrived this... Click here for more info..

Happy Halloween!. 01/11/2016

This year’s kick off party got off to a spooky start, what with Halloween falling on the same night! The crews took the spirit of the night... Click here for more info..

Day 2 at the Caribbean 1500/ARC Bahamas. 30/10/2016

Good morning everyone! Another beautiful day here in Portsmouth! It is great to have so many boats here already! Yesterday Isabelle &... Click here for more info..

Caribbean 1500 / ARC Bahamas Pre-Departure Program Begins in Portsmouth - Check-in Open!. 29/10/2016

Good morning everyone, The World Cruising Club team is now in Portsmouth and ready for the week’s events! The rally office is set up in the... Click here for more info..

Meet the WCC Team at the Annapolis Boat Show, 2016. 23/09/2016

The Annapolis Boat Show takes place as usual in October, from 6-10 October in the heart of the city. With lots of attractions at the show... Click here for more info..

Portsmouth Starters About to Set Sail. 08/05/2016

It’s been a mellow week in Portsmouth for the three ARC Europe boats departing for Bermuda from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. It’s also... Click here for more info..

Work continues on Nanny Cay's new outer marina. 22/01/2016

Busy times in Nanny Cay, host to the start of ARC Europe & ARC USA in May and the finish of ARC Caribbean 1500 in November, as work... Click here for more info..

2015 Caribbean 1500 Wraps up in Tortola. 24/11/2015

After a three-day weather delay thanks to late-season Hurrican Kate, and a fast passage at sea for most, the 2015 Caribbean 1500 wrapped up... Click here for more info..