Superhot & Supermoon in Nanny Cay!

14 November 2016

Good morning from Nanny Cay where it is superhot even by 8am in the morning, current temperature here is a balmy 84'F (29'C) and crews are taking a dive in the waters off the beach or in the pool. The crew from Isbjorn even had a swim in the channel before coming in to the marina!  Generally having a chill day and enjoying the pleasures of being on dry land...laundry, hot showers, good wifi and a great breakfast from Genakers Cafe.

To get a noisy welcome into the marina it's all about timing and the best welcome so far was for Bandido who came in just after sunset yesterday when the bar was full at happy hour. Air horns, hooters, calling and cheering it really makes arriving pretty special - that and a glass of cold rum punch! The rally boats are berthed very close to one another in the marina and so crews from boats that have already arrived will come and help take the lines and congratulate the new arrivals.

With 18 boats in we have over half the fleet arrived by day 9 which is quite quick and there are lots of stories to be told on the weather conditions, winds and motoring hours (motoring hours being a large part of what determines the results) Although it is a rally there is a competitive element and skippers must complete a declaration with their start time, finish time and engine hours.

Customs officials are here later today and tomorrow to clear rally boats in to the BVI, something they do not normally do and is certainly appreciated by the fleet.  Tonight it is a supermoon and there are a couple of infamous full moon parties that might be attended by the crews ashore and I am sure the crews at sea will have a beautiful night sail on their approaches to the BVI. 

The next boat due in is Cat’N Around, make some noise!