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Landfall on the Horizon - Hiva Oa

The World ARC Fleet 2018 are only days away from finishing the longest leg of their circumnavigation. The fleet will have sailed approximately 2980 nautical miles, making landfall in one of the most picturesque places in the world, Hiva Oa, Marquesas.

The weather has been remarkable, as Dave on SY Mischief said: ‘The first 2 days at sea have gone well with over 300 miles covered across the tropical convergence zone or doldrums as I know them. Everyone is settling into the watch system and we are back to eating like kings and queens again. There was meant to be very little wind and we expecting to motor most of the way but we have only had the engine on for half an hour so far. In fact it was going so well this afternoon with the spinnaker up doing 8knts’

During any blue water passage there is always plenty of time and this year`s fleet has decided to learn french. SY Shepherd Moon writes: ‘The ladies of the fleet decided it would be a good idea to have their own "net" - a fixed time where they could chat on the SSB about the daily grind of life at sea. Since we are now heading to French Polynesia and have a number of French speaking ladies in the fleet, this has now morphed into a crash course in French’

Crossing the halfway mark on a long passage usually calls for a small celebration and crew of Shepard Moon decided pancakes were in order. ‘Yesterday morning Vanessa made pancakes, which were delicious and thankfully the maple syrup helped them stick to the plate just long enough for them to make the journey from the galley to the cockpit and into our tummies.’

Rally Control arrives in Hiva Oa on Wednesday. Upon arrival, everyone will receive a warm welcome with flower leis, fruits and an introductory pack full of information about Marquesas and French Polynesia. Everyone in Hiva Oa is very excited and is really looking forward to meeting and welcoming participants to this idyllic, remote, authentic part of French Polynesia!

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