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World Cruising news stories

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Steady as we go - Day 3 at sea for the ARC fleet. 25/11/2015

Following their blast off departure from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on Sunday, the fleet of ARC 2015 continue to be propelled into the Atlantic and towards the shores of Saint Lucia. The echoes of ships horns, blaring music and serenades of local brass bands have faded away since start day, but settling into life at sea has offered new excitement for the crews as they get used to life at 30 degrees!As was forecasted, confused seas provided some discomfort for the first night at sea, and wind in one ofthe infamous Canarian Wind Acceleration Zones to the southeast of Gran Canaria delivered some strong gusts which the fleet were well prepared for following the Skippers Briefing. After 12 hours of rock and roll, Jeremy Wyatt on yacht Taistealai admitted that “If the ARC is a milk run then... Click here for more info..

2015 Caribbean 1500 Wraps up in Tortola. 24/11/2015

After a three-day weather delay thanks to late-season Hurrican Kate, and a fast passage at sea for most, the 2015 Caribbean 1500 wrapped up... Click here for more info..

Rocking and rolling to Saint Lucia: ARC 2015 starts in spectacular style. 22/11/2015

Years and months of intense planning and preparation finally paid off today as the yachts taking part in ARC 2015 made their way out of... Click here for more info..

Barbara Jean Sails In; Island Tour Yesterday. 22/11/2015

After 11 days, all but two yachts have arrived into Nanny Cay with the 1500 after their 1,400-mile passage. The most recent, ‘Barbara Jean’,... Click here for more info..

Sailor Ted joins the Friskus Crew. 21/11/2015

Each year children of the ARC are invited to write to the ARC's mascot, Sailor Ted and tell him about the adventures they will have if he... Click here for more info..

A fiesta send off for ARC crews. 21/11/2015

There's just 24 hours to go until the start of ARC 2015. Today is all about last minute checks, making sure there are plenty of provisions... Click here for more info..

Nighttime Arrivals. 20/11/2015

There was no sleep for the weary last night. ‘Yellowshirt’ rally staff Jake Albano had only just arrived yesterday morning, having sailed... Click here for more info..

Tick...Tick...Tick...Countdown to the start of ARC 2015. 20/11/2015

Departure day is looming for ARC Crews in Las Palmas as the clock counts down to Sunday's start. The pontoons are bustling with... Click here for more info..

Back to the 1980's for the ARC Costume Party. 19/11/2015

There’s lots to do before the crews depart but many continued with the seminar programme on Wednesday, heading to the lecture theatre at the... Click here for more info..

30. Atlantic Rally for Cruisers setzt Segel. 19/11/2015

260 Boote und 1250 Personen, darunter 40 Kinder unter 16,nehmen an der 30. Atlantic Rally for Cruisers teil, die von Las Palmas de Gran... Click here for more info..

ARC+ Underway. 18/11/2015

The ARC+ fleet got underway in excellent conditions earlier today as they set out on Leg 2 from São Vicente in the Cape Verde Islands to... Click here for more info..

Food for thought in the ARC racing division. 18/11/2015

The ARC has always been about the challenge of an Atlantic crossing, whether for first timers in a family cruising boat, or experienced... Click here for more info..

Land Ho! Tortola's First Arrival, plus Celebrating in the Bahamas. 18/11/2015

Yesterday afternoon, Moonwave, the Gunboat 60 catamaran, made their triumphant arrival into Nanny Cay Marina, the first yacht to cross the... Click here for more info..

At work and at play for week two in Las Palmas. 17/11/2015

We’re now on countdown to Sunday’s start and everyone is busy with final checks and boat preparations. It’s also week two of the... Click here for more info..

ARC+ Almost time to leave. 17/11/2015

Yesterday’s arrival of Arriba, Beneteau First 40 who departed late from Las Palmas due to rigging issues, completed the fleet in Mindelo... Click here for more info..

Into the Trade Winds. 16/11/2015

All but two of the ARC Bahamas boats have now made landfall in Marsh Harbour.“We’ll take on the task of pulling together something fun for... Click here for more info..

Flags Flying as Crews Parade for Opening of the 30th Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. 15/11/2015

The count down to the start of the 30th ARC has begun with the opening ceremony for ARC 2015 today in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, homeport... Click here for more info..

Day 5 for Tortola Fleet; Land Ho in Marsh Harbor!. 15/11/2015

It’s the start of Day 5 for the Caribbean 1500 fleet. Most of the crews will by now have their sea legs and will be firmly into the... Click here for more info..

ARC+ Transforming Marina Mindelo. 15/11/2015

ARC+ arrivals in Mindelo are almost complete with only three yachts left to complete their passage. The 50 boats already berthed in Mindelo... Click here for more info..

ARC Forest in Gran Canaria continues to grow. 13/11/2015

Today crews from ARC yachts ventured beyond Las Palmas Marina and into the mountains of Gran Canaria to boost the ARC Forest Project by... Click here for more info..