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Altair - Altair's lesson learned from the ARC USA

The 2016 ACR USA provided some insight into being prepared and having spares. In past I have operated that the Tri-Color Light was my primary navigation light system and my Navigation light were my backup. We left Tortola, BVI with all lights working. The second day out the tri-light failed so per plan we switched to the Nav lights. A week later we lost the green and stern nav lights. The quick work around was since we were motoring was to turn off the steaming light and turn on the anchor light. This gave us an all round white, equal to a steaming light and stern light.

Researched revealed that all the led light that fail were original to the boat, 2003. The red had been replace several years ago. 

Preparing for the 2017 World ARC, I will be replacing both Navigation light systems and obtaining a Navisafe Tri-color LED Navigation light for emergencies.

Capt. Joseph W. Reed

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