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Crazy Horse - Day 6

We are powering our way to Ft. Lauderdale with motor on and all sails flying. This is really and truly the first time that we have used the engine. Trying to make Ft. Lauderdale before dark. There is some tricky maneuvering with lots of ships and boats in the canals and a drawbridge as well. Better to get there before dark and see the obstacles clearly. Anyway, we are excited to get there and Crazy Horse seems to be fairly galloping the last 60 miles. This is some of her old stomping ground!
We all agree it has been a great voyage with lots of wind and all sailing. Bill thinks we have hit the gulf stream as our speed has increased- up to twelve at times.
The meals have been excellent. Better than most restaurants- just like home cooking!
We will be at Bahia Mar marina after today so I should be able to use my phone after that. Matt and I will be leaving on a jet plane on Sunday and the second crew will start their watch. Of course we have lots of cleaning up to do and buying just a few fresh things at the grocery store for the next watch. We still have lots of food in the freezer and refrigerator. We will be making out a menu for them but they are on their own. Guess this will test the limits of Bill's rule to adapt , overcome, and improvise!
Crazy Horse still standing by on 16

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