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Bluewater Mooney - 25.05.2023 Bluewater Mooney

for those who are interested

one should learn from mistakes, and I have now found an explanation as to why the bolt securing the Furlex 400 H has lost its securing pin and disappeared into the sea:

I found part of the securing pin on the deck this morning.

the attached photos are of the Furlex 300 H system of the cutter, which is not mounted in the bow fitting but on deck, but may help to clarify the situation.

The Furlex system of the genoa sits on the bow fitting with a kind of fork. There is deliberately a few millimetres of clearance between the Furlex system and the bow fitting to ensure better mounting.

However, this also means that when there is no tension on the system, it can hit the cotter pin or exert pressure on the cotter pin. This always happens when the backstay is released into the mast to furl the mainsail, and at the same time the set pre-pressure is relieved by pitching in the sea. you would think that this would be avoided because the pin can avoid the pressure, but the pin is prevented from moving by oblique pressure.

This puts so much mechanical stress on the contact surface of the cotter pin that, in my case, it sheared off.


Not only a visual check, but a regular replacement of cotter pins where the fastening has movement, as in this case.

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