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Aquavita - Day 11 fishing triumph

I was woken up at 7.30am to the sound of "MAHI MAHI!". Daddy was reeling in one of our fishing lines and Severin was taking in the other. They both had a mahi mahi. Severin got his in first and Daddy went to help him get it on the boat while I was left with his rod and the fish was maybe half of the way in so I pulled it in. It didn't try to fight against me and it was surprisingly easy to reel it in.

When we got it in Daddy tried to put his foot on the fish flopping on the deck. Eventually he had to lift it up by the line and put it inside the safety line and try to get it into a corner with his foot. He did it and it looked very funny. Now I understand why the bucket was handy. The mahi mahi was around 1 meter long and the second one was 80 centimeters. It was great to finally have a fishing success.

Author: Jason

"Yvette made the most delicious ceviche from the mahi mahi with papaya and avocado." -Severin

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