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Emily Morgan - Day 10 - Half Way

At 1550 today (Ships time, i.e. UT-1), Tuesday 30th November, we reached the half way point on our transatlantic voyage! We celebrated with showers, clean bedlinen and a lunch of Anna's freshly baked focaccia, cheese and Spanish jamon! Todd tied a bucket to a long line and drew up a bucket of mid Atlantic sea water. He filled small jam jars of water for keepsakes of this momentous occasion. When you are sailing, the distance to your destination is uncertain as the wind and current dictates your direction. A direct route from Las Palmas in Grand Canaria to St Lucia in the Caribbean is approx. 2,550 nautical miles but the weather conditions on the shorter northern route varies between storms and no winds. Taking the longer, southern route is often the fastest and safest choice. Today our miles sailed and miles to go were exactly the same, 1447 nautical miles (making a total of 2854nm). However, the remaining distance will be much quicker than the first half of the voyage because we are now in an area of strong winds. For the crew on board, who would normally cancel going sailing in these conditions, it seems incredible to be sailing in a consistent F6 to F7 wind with occasional gusts of F8 and F9 (highest to date 47 knots) and achieving an average speed of 8 knots. However, it is not that comfortable! Another roller coaster day and night ahead!



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