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Khamsin - Khamsin Day 13

It’s 7am and the sky is brilliant pinks and reds as the sun is rising But there are no shepherds out in the ocean so hopefully it’s not such a bad omen. Actually it does look like rain ahead but from a pale unthreatening looking cloud. Famous last words we’ll see haha. Anyway best of all it’s Wednesday after our very first half decent Tuesday. Actually it was a great day yesterday: I used my primary school skills to cut and stick coloured tape over Roland’s fabulously neat cross stitches on the torn red sail which we then hoisted to zip along comfortably, despite a swell of 2-3 metres, having the most beautiful sailing day in glorious sunny weather. The sea was intense and amicable as we tried to surf to get a kick out of the swell and in the spirit of the moment the time seemed right to crack open Jerry’s retirement bottle of ‘Sailor’s Grog’ to celebrate all our achievements with a cheeky little rum and coke (don’t mention chickens or eggs) and all was very very well - best day so far… We had all agreed to keep full sails up for the night but squalls in the early hours quashed that plan. We’ve definitely improved our squall prediction skills tho and we managed to avoid the first squall and reef for the second. And now it’s Wednesday and apparently December. Mad…
Oh and while I’ve been writing predictably those shepherds were right. Very gusty - up to 32 knots - and drizzly but now rays of sun peeping through and a fantastic rainbow. Sea has gone suspiciously agitated so looks like it’s going to be one of those days…

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