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Yoda - Leaving Bermuda

Well that was quite the start !

Motor sailing down the town cut was emotional. I never wanted to leave Bermuda... until I checked the bank account.

The first day at sea had very little wind, but it did bring an awe inspiring sunset. Just as it held the horizon for the last few minutes of splendid beauty we had 5 common dolphins swimming and jumping at the bow. I haven't seen this since we left Gibraltar and I think they were just a sweet reminder of what we are going back too. I had to use an app to figure out what constellations I was looking at as it's the clearest night and there are more stars than any land lubber will ever see. 01:30 what the hell is that over yonder it looked like a huge orange segment and was so bright it frightened me at first. The moon is back shining the way.

I feel happy , I feel free and I feel safe.

Thank you Yoda
This is love !

Or maybe... these were all hallucinations brought on from breathing in too many exhaust fumes? LOL
Bring on the wind !

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