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Wethomi - Nightmare and paradise

A calm night. Wethomi moving constantly under motor. Lonely watch under the stars.
Suddenly smell of electric fire. Smoke. "All men up!"
Motor off. Electricity shut down. Look into the motor compartement: No fire! Uff!
What happened? Took some time to find out that the main alternator cables had burned and disconnected. After a provisional repair of some hours we could continue into the beautiful morning.
Later the wind came back. But from the wrong direction: directly onto the nose. So we tacked and had a wonderful sailing day with a nice breeze, little waves, sunny sky, delicious wahoo fish meals. Only our arrival in Bermuda will be much later now. Probably we will the last boat arriving. So what?

What else happened?
Sundowner with a red sun on one and a full moon on the other side, wahoo shashimi and cold white wine. Skippers fresh bread again. Completely alone on the wide blue ocean.
320 NM to Bermuda

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