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Endeavour III
Owner Kevin O'sullivan
Design Dufour 56 Exclusive
Length Overall 17 m 15 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number

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Endeavour III - Endeavour III day 6

  Day 6Tuesday, May 23rd 2023Location:  38 13’39N 50 22’29W  AKA:  Middle of the AtlanticNote the precision… By day 6, sailing across the Atlantic has come down to counting the minutes to next snack, hours to next watch, and DTW (distance to waypoint). In other words, as Mark would say, ‘Are we there yet?’ Today we break the 1000 DTW mark and anxiously await the arrival of midway point 905 DTW tomorrow. What a celebration! ETA 6 days ….?In the meantime, we all get very excited as dolphins put on a show for us.   When you are out in the middle of the great wide ocean, nothing but water on the horizon, it’s the little things that count. Every once in a while, one of Stuart’s fishing rods, propped up over the stern of the boat, gives a tug and maybe even a run. read more...


Endeavour III - Endeavour III day 4

“THERE SHE BLOWS!” shouts 1st mate Stuart with $ signs in his eyes with all that whale oil to sell. Then disappointment hits, fish recognition not being a strong point, (but better than mine actually) as we point out its another pod of dolphins curious to know what we were doing on their patch? I know, I know, before you all shout they are mammals!! Day 4 on the convict ship Endeavour III, Trident has decided to sleep for a while giving us a respite from the swell and also allowing us to swab the decks......and head! Not a lot of witty conversation happening just sleep and recuperation. We travelled 130nm but in a N-NE heading to avoid later high pressure weather. Boat came through relatively unscathed detached stanchion and frayed furling line which was sewn together by master. read more...


Endeavour III - Endeavour III blog

 Day 3 of the voyage of the convict ship Endeavour III with her ruffian crew of 5, Capt Dave, 1st mate Stuart seapeople (have to be gender neutral these days!) Dominique and Juliette and myself.  All doing their duty diligently, but in survival mode with 3m swells, all not helped by yours truly deciding that my face needed to get up close and personal with the shelf in the head! Skipper and chief nurse managed to put me back together, but resulting in one man down for a couple of watches! We still achieved 127nm in a NNW heading with NW winds averaging 21 knots even with god Trident conspiring against us. The convicts below were complaining bitterly, but were soon silenced with Dominique brandishing her cat and ninetails!!  On to calmer seas tomorrow, we. read more...


Endeavour III - Endeavour III

After wheying anchor with the good wishes of the people of Bermuda. The convict ship Endeavour III with her ragtag crew is on day 2 of her voyage to the new world, to this point the crossing has offered fair winds, but rough seas covering 160nm in a NNE direction. Having tacked a few times she found her rhythm although not comfortable.1st mate Stuart broke out the whaling gear again, thinking of a sideline business and hooked what we think was a humpback but it got away!!We were dead in the water for a while in the graveyard shift as the new fangled autohelm decided to shed a bearing but with a valiant team effort and myself getting into a tight space I never thought I'd return from, we repaired the problem and resumed our course into the ever higher waves finally losing sight of. read more...


Endeavour III - Blog Day 1

Day 1!We crossed the start line at 12:01, in great winds, and lovely sunshine! Dodging the fast ferry out of St. George’s Town cut, to cheers from the passengers! Must have been a sight seeing 25 sailing yachts, all with full sail jostling for place. Out into open water and we raise the code Zero, and started making good ground until the halyard slipped! A couple of places lost before we sorted our first (I’m sure of many) problem. With the now reefed code zero back in action we made very good ground!Was a good day of sailing, keeping an eye on our on fellow ARC boats. Alas 2 of our crew were still to find their sea legs.As chef of the day Dominique had shrewdly prepared a lasagna the previous day, and was absolutely delicious! A meal to aspire to. Into the night and the wind slowly. read more...

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