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Owner Marco Versari
Design Grand Soleil 46 (JZ)
Length Overall 13 m 99 cm
Flag Italy
Sail Number

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Avventura - Bermuda - Azores : Day 14

38:31.937N 28:37.495W alle 03:34 (03:35UTC) del 01 giugno 2023. It seemed to last only a moment.From the first sight of blurred islands on the horizon to our entrance in the port of Horta. From the strong winds and waves of the start to the sunny days in the high pressure. From start to finish, from Bermuda to the Azores.Just and instant, a dream. And yet in this moment everything was lived. The joy of being in the middle of the blue, of feeling the wind pushing us forward. The intensity of every moment, good or bad but precious nonetheless because shared between the six of us.These fourteen days of sea gave us more than we could ask for. Every hard day was generously rewarded, Every rainfall had its rainbow. Every bad wave brought a whale. So often, we were left speechless from the. read more...


Avventura - Bermuda - Azores : Day 15

38:11.522N 30:34.195W alle 23:00 (23:00 UTC) del 30 maggio 2023. The feeling of near arrival is impossible to ignore now. The news emerged that we have a shot at arriving tomorrow night. Even if it takes a bit longer, we are now expecting an island on the horizon, and this invisible presence makes it impossible to look in another direction. Today the sea is formed, the wind is strong and Avventura cuts through the waves. At the helm, I try my best to steer as far east as the elements allow. I feel the wind and some sea droplets on my face. I feel the excitement of arriving and I feel alive. We changed the official time on board for the third and last time, to UTC-0. A quick adjustment on our clocks and this arbitrary decision took effect, putting us in line with Azores time. With the. read more...


Avventura - Bermuda - Azores : Day 13

38:59.050N 33:31.165W alle 21:00 (22:00 UTC) del 29maggio 2023.   Today was undoubtedly a slow day. In fact the mostexciting event was when we tacked, at around 3:45PM. We didn't do much beforethat, the manoeuvre  lasted maybe a minute, and then we didn't havemuch else to do for the rest of the day.   I decided to go around the boat asking everyone whatthey were up to. But not the humans -most of those were sleeping- but rather thepersonified objects that travel with us. I went near the bow and saw Marvin the tender, deflatedand contortionated inside his case. Like the galactic robot that inspired hisname, he still found a way to complain and let out a depressed sigh when I saton it to watch the waves.   At the back hard at work were Carola and Siuzy. Carolais. read more...


Avventura - Bermuda - Azores : Day 12

38:36.281N 35:35.355W alle 23:00 (00:00 UTC) del 28maggio 2023. Some things in the air changed today. There is the rainthat finally caught up to us, and the wind that came back stronger but unstable.There are clouds everywhere, and the see is much darker.   But there is also this sweet but dangerous feeling ofbeing ever closer to land, with the islands appearing ever more reachable on theGPS screen. Reachable but not reached yet, and we shouldn't foolourselves if we want to preserve the harmony that we found. Indeed, the days goby smoothly and time seems to be less important. The events of yesterdayand last week almost feel equally distant and fresh in  our minds. Inboth cases we felt far away in the middle of the ocean. The vicinity of land changes that. We are still. read more...


Avventura - Bermuda - Azores : Day 10

39:07.877N 39:03.463W alle 22:00 (23:00 UTC) del 27maggio 2023.   Coming next, a short synopsis of the day, from the dailyblog.   - An enormous 300 meters tanker was coming straight atus this morning. When questioned, a friendly voice assured us that his shipwould not, in fact, destroy us completely.   - More astronomical navigation made by future goldenglobe race contender Alessandro. His observations of the sun with the sextantgive a rather precise estimated position.   - A private spectacle of whale jumps, getting high intothe air and falling down with a splash on their backs.   - The gennaker halyard decided to not hold the gennakeranymore, letting it fall down in the water. The quick reaction from everyone wasneeded to pull it on board and haul it back up. read more...

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