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Jubilate Mare
Owner Pete Townsend
Design Oyster 47
Length Overall 14 m 24 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number 47-35

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Jubilate Mare - Panama transit soon!

Today has been busy with skipper briefings about our canal transit and our visit to the Galapagos. With so few boats taking part this year it should all be relatively straight forward 🤞. We had a drinks gathering last night, courtesy of Shelter Bay Marina, and met with the other 3 boats going through the canal with us. In a normal year there would be 25-30 participants! We will hopefully be meeting up with one other boat on the other side. image1. read more...


Jubilate Mare - Nearly, Nearly.

Hello! Well - we really, REALLY are nearly there. Less than 30 miles to go and a smudge of land visible on the horizon, and we nearly, almost, not quite, are within a mile of another boat yesterday. caught another fish too. A much bigger mahi mahi was on the line and what a fighter. Before it could be netted and safely landed aboard it escaped, bending the hook straight in the process. No one guessed the arrival date as being today, so Koen and Elaine's (12th and 14th respectively) choices will fight it out over the closest time when we actually cross the finish line. Did you know that today is the feast of St Lucia? Nor did I until opening my Jacquie Lawson e-calendar this morning. Couldn't be better could it - and at least it's not a Friday! So we shall shortly be having our last meal. read more...


Jubilate Mare - Land Ahoy - almost!

Thank you all for continuing to read my ramblings.You'll no doubt be pleased to hear that this (fingerscrossed) should be our last full 24 hours, on the high seas, before wearrive at Rodney Bay. We are hoping to make landfall before dark tomorrow.   Our fish supper last night was superb. Tomroasted some with lemon, capers and black pepper. It was delicious andElaine made trifle for desert - yum. We still have some fillets left to enjoyand are continuing to hope for further bites. A tuna would be mostwelcome.   We were berthed next to Tom's boat, in La Linea lastmonth, which is how we all met.  Tom stepped in for a leg on the boat whenElaine took time out to fly home to see her Mum in hospital in Scotland,and then, when Toma had to drop out,. read more...


Jubilate Mare - Fish Fryday!

Welcome everyone, not many more Blogs to come from this crossing as we really are nearly there. We now have less than 300 miles to go. We are sailing serenely, our boat is beautifully balanced and the weather wonderfully warm. We have passed through a couple of squalls and I've captured a picture of a rainbow - peeping out from under our cc. I also took an artistic shot of the colourful chute reflected in a winch drum. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so the rod was cast again. Within a very short space of time 'Fish! Fish!' was gleefully shouted. This time Tom was in charge of the net and successfully landed a mahi mahi - aka dolphin fish. It was quickly dispersed with a shot of Fish Killer (double strength rum) to its gills and filleted. The rod went back in and was soon whirring.. read more...


Jubilate Mare - Are we there yet!

Faithful Followers we are a little fed up. This has turned into a repeat of our crossing in 2017, with little, or no wind - very disappointing. We had hoped for better things this time. Some boats in our class have already finished and we are currently lying 9th in a field of 16. We have had to give up on the cc and are under engine for the next few hours to try and make up some ground. ( Or should that be sea?! )Winds are predicted to kick in later on tonight. But as to whether or not they will - well, your guess is as good as mine. Outside temperature is 33 in the day, but a lot cooler overnight. The night watches are a real pleasure. The moon is rising later so that means we get to enjoy the stars.I actually saw my first shooting star, of this trip, last night.Other crew have been. read more...

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