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Owner Michael Pilar Von Pilchau
Design GibSea 126
Length Overall 13 m 29 cm
Flag Germany
Sail Number

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Wethomi - A cold front ...

... is something you really do not need on sea - but it comes anyway!"Our" cold front came from the north and started by bringing us the joy of 24 hours of running the engine against light wind and waves; when the wind came up again and we started to sail it blew within minutes so strong we had to reef the sails immediately. Followed an unpleasant night without sleep in strong winds and short ugly waves and in really cold air.But finally air and sea calmed down and a very beautiful sailing day was the reward for our efforts.Now we are cruising in very calm conditions under a clear starry sky towards Bermuda and are happy not be in the harbour yet.What else happened? Had fresh Captain`s bread.Live guitar music in the cockpit.A big fish bate off our lure - again no catch.130 NM to St. George. read more...


Wethomi - What is Atlantic sailing?

Fast sailing in reaching winds, hard sailing under reefed sails, wonderful sailing for hours with the spinnaker, motoring over mirrorlike waters: all in one day.And so we are presently motoring under a beautiful half moon, lightning behind us, waiting for the next wind change.What else happened? Caught a fishing net instead of fish and had to cut the fishing line. Repaired the genakker boom on the bow while on the move. Enjoyed a glass of self imported Madeira for sunset.630 NM to go. read more...


Wethomi - ARC Fleet sailing

For over 24 hours we sailed together with 2 other ARC-Europe boats - Jubilate Mare and Herceg-Novi - in viewing range. Very nice feeling. Winds were great during the day and blew us towards Bermuda. In the evening we passed an old front and the wind increased significantly. So we reefed the sails and tried not to be thrown around in the waves. Now in the early Tuesday morning it is calm again and we are looking forward what the day will bring.What else happened? Nice chat in the radio net, fresh Guacamole and Quiche and no fish on the line.540 NM to go. read more...


Wethomi - The whole sailing program in 1 day

During the last 24 hours we sailed with the genoa and the main, with spinakker, used the engine while there was no wind, then again with full genoa and main and now for the last hours with reefed sails. Progress is good now and mood on board fantastic.What else happened? Nothing! No fish on the line, no playing dolphins, no blasting whale, no smiling mermaid. Poor sailors!660 NM to Bermuda. read more...


Wethomi - Wethomi is on the road again

After 5 month cruising in the Caribbean from Grenada to Culebra it is time to go east again.So we left Sint Maarten with 18 other boats today heading to Bermuda.And what a beautiful first day it was.First the departure from the lagoon in Sint Maarten through the bridge, then our perfect rally start as first boat crossing the start line and now wunderful ocean sailing with reaching winds and only little waves under the full moon.What else happened? Delicious vegetarian hamburgers from Deniz. Impressing sunset.825 NM to go. read more...

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