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Blonde Moment
Owner Paul Wade
Design Hallberg-Rassy 48 Mk II
Length Overall 14 m 99 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number GBR4458L

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Blonde Moment - Sunday, May 28, 2023

Sunday, May 28, 2023It has been a bizarre couple of days with very low winds, and a weather forecast which made us wonder if it was a typo. (winds from 0 degrees to 270 degreesÂ…? Seriously..) Dolphins were easily spotted in the glassy calm water, with the common dolphins jumping right out of the water. We were seeing small pods of them several times per watch. Then, on Friday evening as we were making dinner, a sperm whale surfaced on the port beam about 15 meters away and stayed with us for a few moments. Quite a sight. We continue to have warm and sunny weather with cool nights. Sunday morning it rained for ten minutes, which is more rain in total than we have seen since Antigua a month ago. We seem to have been motoring away from the wind that is approaching from the west, so on. read more...


Blonde Moment - thursday 25 may ..Where has all the wind gone!!

Blonde Moment Boat LogThursday, May 25th, 2023On Tuesday we sailed into a high pressure system and our wind died a painful death, and the iron sail (motor) was started. The wind indicator resembled a confused roulette wheel. Wednesday evening as the sun was setting, the water was like glass and there wasn't enough wind to blow out a birthday candle. When you think of the things that can happen on an Atlantic crossing (squalls, rain, big seas) sailing through water that is like a bathtub isn't on the list. The water and the sky blended together at the horizon making it difficult to tell the difference between the two.On Wednesday evening (still motoring - no wind), as the cloudy red sunset reflected on the water, we had dinner in the cockpit, and the wildlife started to appear all around. read more...


Blonde Moment - Day 6 Tuesday 23rd May

Blonde Moment Boat LogTuesday May 23, 2023After a couple of days of great wind, which was taking us in the right direction, we have been experiencing light winds today and the sea looks like a lake on a day with a breeze, with no swell. During the day the weather has been hot and dry (shorts and bare feet!). The evenings can be on the cool side, making you look for a thermal layer and a hat. After a few very dark nights with only Venus and stars to light the sky, the moon finally reappeared on Sunday night. We have seen two boats in the last 24 hours, one was a 300M cargo ship which passed under 2NM of us. We spend our watches exploring the large music collection. As I write this log, the skipper is Listening to Meatloaf, Bat Out of Hell. Classic!This evening we will be at the half-way. read more...


Blonde Moment - sunday may 21

Blonde Moment Boat LogSunday, May 21, 2023After a couple of days going SE, the winds changed, and we have been on a starboard tack heading towards the Azores for the better part of two days. The winds have been good, and we are making progress averaging around 7NM per hour. We will have travelled a 1/3 of the way to our destination sometime later today. We are on a schedule of 3 hours solo watches, with 6 hours off, giving lots of opportunity to rest and be alert for the next shift. Mark E is learning to use the sextant with the help of Paul. A fish finally was on our line, but they pulled the lure completely off and got away before we could land it. We will keep trying. Two of the crew have seen what looks like whale spouts in the distance, but this has not been confirmed. Very few. read more...


Blonde Moment - Leg 2 Log 1

Blonde Moment Boat Log Thursday May 18, 2023Yesterday we said goodbye to beautiful Bermuda. We had a chance to explore and visit some attractions after some repairs were completed to a leaky hatch, and a patch on our head sail was taken care of at the local sail locker. We also attended some very nice ARC events.We had a very good start yesterday, and for our first 12 hours we made great progress with good winds.It is always amazing to see a large group of sail boats crossing the start line. Last night we lost our wind and ended up motoring until it came back for as few more hours. The moonless and cloudless night provided quite the star show, where we saw a flash of lightthat lit up the sky off our port side that had no explanation. The seas and wind are calm today, and we have had to. read more...

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