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Dawn - June 22

We had an exhilarating sail to Portsmouth!  Once we were out of Annapolis area, we were moving!  Night sailing was gorgeous!  

We were ready to leave on Tuesday, but due to bad weather, the recommendation from Andy and Mia was that the fleet should stay put. Initially, I wanted to leave anyway.  We all got up at 4 am, We had a team meeting and I reviewed the weather fax, Grib files, and given the knowledge and experience of Andy and Mia, and other factors such as crew fatigue, the only decision was to stay.  Then, at about 6:00 am, I got a text from the admiral back at home:  "If the admiral was with you, she would tell you to stay put."  We stayed.  So....we all got some hammock time, met some of our rally mates, relaxed.  It was a fun day.  We made sandwiches for tomorrow and pre made dinner as well so we don't have to cook in the ocean leg.

We saw two separate pods of dolphins, a sea turtle, and numerous Pelicans.

We got up today at 4:00, and got out by 5:00am.  Tom made breakfast under way.  We went out wing and wing which was great.  Got out to the ocean and the wind died.  We tried everything.....wing on wing, spinnaker reaching, spinnaker alone.  For the sake of crew morale, I dropped the spinnaker, tightened up on the main sheet and fired up the engine.  Then.....had a beer.

For entertainment, we are having a fly killing contest.  We have been assaulted by biting flies.  They must have wing tanks or an aircraft carrier nearby.  I am anxiously awaiting the breeze to fill in.  But.....being on the beautiful Atlantic, with my uncle and my dear friends.....priceless!


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