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Owner Richard Rowe
Design Nautical Development 60
Length Overall 17 m 7 cm
Flag United States of America
Sail Number

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Nirvana - Nirana: Day 5

We see Cuba!But first early this morning: the night watch was rough with rough see's and heavier wind...we asked for wind but geez.Rich hung tough through dawn outside of Great Inagua Island where the daylight revealed "confused seas".Eddie said it looked like the ocean was boiling.Strong winds, strong currents, swells going in various different directions.  Nirvana held strong and the seas; although still swelling and rock and rolling, became tolerable and the wind is now in our favor.All four sails are up and we are pulling 7 to 8 knots.The "reach" is Nirvana's sweet spot.About 100 miles to go to our next mark and then........turn.-Rich, Ellen, and E:-). read more...


Nirvana - Nirvana: Day 4 Morning

Greetings from N20.12 and W71.26!We saw luminous green algae in our wake last night for miles.It was a welcomed and entertaining find.Still, no rain and we continue to be fortunate with weather excepted for favored winds. We motor sailed as long as we could last night.We are wanting wind at 050 so think "050, 050, 050".The engine has a nice sound, but the silence of the sails is what we are longing for. Surprisingly, last night, it chilled down enough for more than a T-Shirt.Looking forward to a forecast of favored winds and happy seas.- Eddie (Rich and Ellen are off watch currently).They were kind and gave me the 9pm to midnight.It's a very pleasant morning.:-). read more...


Nirvana - Day 3 Evening

Had a lovely sail in the morning then the wind died.Went for swim.Now, motoring into the sunset.. read more...


Nirvana - Day 1

Eddie is woozy from the rollers. No chunks yet.About 20 miles past San Juan, PR.The stars are amazing.-e, Rich, and Ellen:-). read more...


Nirvana - update

At Nanny Cay. 1 more day of final prep and we set sail to Ft. Lauderdale, FL with ARC USA. We eagerly await Ellen's arrival.-Rich and Eddie. read more...

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