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Selkie - Finland for Selkie

The Finnish Archipelago started out slow and easy with hikes and berry picking amongst the islands at anchorages. We were the first to squeeze into Helsinki, and I knew that we loved the marina and the town straight away. The best part of getting around were the glorious electrical scooters. Blekholmen, the yacht club island we all docked at, had beautiful weddings all weekend.

After Helsinki, we went back out amounts the islands hoping for the best. We were quickly humbled on day one. The islands and rocks are everywhere, and we managed to go straight towards one. Locals quickly helped us, the mysterious beauty became a dangerous, stressful one. Don’t get us wrong, we rated Finland as one of our top three favorite countries right from the beginning, but everyone has to be very careful.

Our favorite Finnish island was Rosala. At anchor with Circe and Mila, we took the dingy to the Viking Center. We ate in the Chief’s Lodge with candlelight and bunk beds. A fantastic place for a wedding with close friends. The yard was filled with things for the kids to do: a market, playground, costumes, weapons, music, mazes, bunnies, darts, axe throwing, catapult, bocce, horseshoes, fires, smithy, side house, funeral boat, huge ship, church, tents and places to sleep, sauna, wishing well, garden, runes, loom, drums, and more. We ended up staying and going there for two nights.

Åland was beautiful. Everything there looks so quaint and respected. Lily went ashore and came back to tell me that I should come look everything is beautiful and all the people are happy. All and all it was a great country to visit—cities and archipelago.

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