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Selkie - Gotska Sandön for Selkie

Every morning for us was a countdown to beach time. As a family, we enjoy these secluded anchorages the best. It’s fun to be with others who enjoy the same thing. Our kids were so happy. They danced a lot on the bow and hung out in the cockpit nonstop. It really felt like summer. It’s great to reclaim our cockpit space, after a long winter without it in Scotland. It was purely boot storage there. So! We loved the beach: walks, swims, rock hunts, hikes, locals, books, naps, exercise, and the lighthouse. When Nick and I took the long route to the lighthouse, we enjoyed getting a bit lost and identifying flowers with a new app on my phone. We saw Towheads, Noble Goldenrod, and Fire Weed, to name a few.

The first night at anchor, I had some time on Sea Crusader. We talked about sailing, kids, education, literature, and sci-fi as we enjoyed some fizz, but most importantly they shared a whole package of coffee. Back on Selkie, Nick cooked, which is rare! The kids enjoyed it, and we laughed a lot.

The second day started with a glimpse at the ARC boats on the horizon as they sailed away. We wanted more beach time, and we were content to be left behind for a bit.

This early morning as I take shift, the Baltic Sea is sleeping. There is very little wind, and we motor with a luffing main. The almost full moon watches and the sun rises. It is calm and beautiful. I write some poetry and enjoy the calm before the kids arise. See you in Tallinn!

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