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Selkie - Visby for Selkie

The entry into Visby was super windy for the last four boats. It is so nice to have ARC sailors waiting for you to, of course, protect their own boats, but to help others feel comfortable and in a community of caring people. All ended well with tight lines and a lot of bumpers.

It rained a lot that day, but Lily and I adventured out to investigate laundry and provisions. We ended up cutting through on a trail up a hill and along the medieval wall that surrounds the city. How cool! We grabbed some fresh fruit and provisions for the potluck the next day.

That night, Nick and I went on a date to Kitchen & Table. We had the share menu, and the food was the best we’ve had in a long time. To top it off, one of our wedding songs, “Stand by Me,” came on.

For the walking tour on Tuesday, I took just my oldest two kids. They enjoyed it, but looked around a lot with the urge to explore. An hour later and hour short of the end, we left the group in the botanical gardens to see the museum, which was incredible, and get some lunch.

The music festival of young drunk, fun kids raged on. We enjoyed passing by the music and dancing in the streets—Mom’s got moves! Then it seemed that everyone enjoyed our tacos at the potluck.

Our last day was a laundry and provision day with a little side visit to the science center on the side. The kids loved the small science center, Pnenomenalen. Rory was mystified by the small magic/circus show included. Laundry was easy due to the sign up sheet, and provisions was a breeze due to the free car we could borrow.

For our last dinner, we let the kids make a reservation and take us to the medieval restaurant next to the ruins of the cathedral. There was authentic lighting, costumes, food, mead, and torches. Yum Fun!

Last but not least, no day was complete without many stops for ice cream available around Visby. Rock on! Gotska Sändon, Estonia 🇪🇪 here we come!


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