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Selkie - Rønne, Denmark

At our first port, Selkie was mid wall in the center of it all. It was wonderful to see the boats with flags flying. We found are old ARC Europe 2018 flag and proudly added that to the show. Even though the plant and stacks were not pretty, we loved the space for Mara to bike right next to our boat. Nature and downtown were such a short walk away that we had fun were we were. The BBQ was delicious and fun. It’s been so long since we had the opportunity to do that. Winter in Oban, Scotland did not lead to BBQs, but it did lead to a lot of fish and chips. We enjoyed sharing ARC stories with Cecille.

Lily has been a bit down and grumpy. She does not like to talk about her broken arm, and I’m not use to seeing her this way. But! Her x-rays in Rønne went well; however, Nick’s slippery knife and five stitches was another story. So they missed the bus tour, but enjoyed shopping and hiking. On the bus tour from the castle to shopping to the church, we enjoyed the castle the most. Tristan is such a good tour guide when it comes to anything of that sort. When we arrived, he shouted, “That’s not a castle! That’s a citadel!” Then he pointed out where he thought what would have been done where, and how someone would attack the gate and be out of arrows reach, and on and on. Last year, he took an online course called Famous Folks of the Medieval and Renaissance, so he has a lot to share. Our tour guide mentioned at the church that some believe it was round so that the devil couldn’t hide in the corner. Tristan added to that, "There are plenty of other places to hide." lol

At night, I tried my hand at splicing. I did a fine job, but at sea to Visby we had to cut the line. The stitches would not smoothly slide, so I guess I didn’t do that fine of a job. But at night, Kleopatra invited me onboard and gave me a tour with wine, smoked fish, and guacamole. I really liked that. In the morning, we had to stay on the wall, not only due to being pinned in, but Nick had left his phone at a restaurant and needed to wait to recover it. It was nice that no one had tried to steal it. 

So this morning, we motor sail on. The sea is sleeping, and we have entered Swedish waters. Though I know everyone prefers more wind and a good sail, I enjoy the kids not being seasick, the galley food and knives staying still, and card games in the cockpit. See you in Visby!


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