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Resolute of Thames - Day of reckoning

As the last nautical miles fly (226 remain at this moment) by it is natural that we are excitedly reckoning up how many miles we have done and how many more to be done. We are also reckoning up how much wear and tear has been sustained to ROT (Resolute of Thames - affectionately abbreviated by our Ozzie friends aboard Fanny Fisher) and what a list of priority repairs and replacements to be faced when we arrive. Looks like our Christmas funds will be casually wiped out..but heigh ho! Skipper reckons ARC should initiate a sea-miles reward scheme. Seamiles hard won on their rallies could be converted into points and what do points make? Prizes! Yes, you get the picture. Skipper had in mind that these prizes would comprise anything from free coffee or cocktails at any appointed hostelry or for platinum members some significant discounts or vouchers on all these repairs/replacements which the numerous seamiles have necessitated. Gilly-mate's reward scheme immediately focused on spa treatments or hotel accommodation by the hour (no wait) would do...just time enough for a long scented bubbly bath and a luxurious long nap on a large soft stationary bed....the stuff that her dreams are currently made. In her more wistful moments as now in the wee small hours she would also consider vouchers for extra crew members - certainly a chef and washer-upper, but scope too for a winch wench perhaps too....With so many rallies now on offer perhaps WCC is missing a trick?

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