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Resolute of Thames - Oh, the stars!

We have very much focused in this log on how we have miraculously managed to continue to work as a team over this voyage which of course is essential when only double-handed. Sometimes the responsibility for each others welfare weighs quite heavy and at other times we feel we would not welcome the intrusion of anyone else in our familiar bubble. But the person you must get on with best of all when sailing double handed is yourself. If you don't like your own company then it would be intolerable as the watches can be very long and lonely. If viewed as a drag then that is what they indeed become but actually the time alone is such an incredible opportunity and such a rarity in our usually busy crowded lives. Initially to have so much time alone can seem rather intimidating and uncomfortable but then as the days pass I find I can welcome the near silence and the time for reflection. To take the sense of isolation one step further, with 12 hour nights much of this face to face with yourself time is in darkness, so not even any grand ocean vista to detract from the just you-ness. But of course then there are the stars for company! And oh what stars....such a majestic canopy you would not believe! Here is where my superlatives fail me. From Psalmist to Coldplay each have felt moved to mention them with awe and wonder..but no wonder when out here with no other light at all the vastness and the multitudes of the solar systems can be almost physically felt which in turn ensures that one is reminded how infinitesimal we each are as we pass through this ocean and this universe. Good heavens what a privilege.

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