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Owner Noel Ruigrok
Design Hallberg-Rassy 48
Length Overall 14 m 99 cm
Flag Ireland
Sail Number IRL4825

Sailing in ARC Europe 2012 - BVI to Portugal. Previously sailed in ARC 2011

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Emilija - Landlife in St Lucia

Having arrived in St Lucia in the early hours of thursday morning with some of the bars still open we escaped from the Betty Ford clinic only to crash at the first bend about two hours later,mind you we were going fairly hard at it. The rest of the day was spent getting our land legs back(excuse).One taxidriver when asked about drink driving said "no problem you can drink 15 gallons if you like". The facilities in the marina and the arc and marina staff are exellent with a lovely atmosphere in the bars and resturants. We were boat number 89 to cross the line which we are delighted with considering about 25 were in the racing division mind you when the handicaps and the motoring penalties are applied things will probably change. Still more boats coming in every day and some damage. read more...


Emilija - 7th Dec

Would you believe it only 50 miles to go where we expect to arrive at about 1.00 am thurs morn By which time we will have gone from not a notion sailors to being ocean sailors. (Take note Aidan). When Brenda called her father (92) he asked would we be stopping off anywhere, another when told we were 2000 miles from Las Palmas and 1000 miles from St Lucia replied " a so you are out in the boat then". We decided to keep using the Swedish spinnaker(volvo) as the winds are too light although as we arrive in St Lucia they will pick up but it will only clear the bit of rain away. Mind you rain at 26 degrees is not bad.  The washing machine hasnt stopped all day in preperation for landing. The Emilija Tshirts ready to put on a good show even in the dark.  We will keep the log going. read more...


Emilija - Mon 5th -Tues 6th

So a change in wind direction had to come at some time.  Having had twin headsails out and making no ajustments for ten days was too easy.  We have let the two h-sails off to one side strapped together the two sheets at the clew and went on a reach.  Having done this we were ready to go but had no wind so decided to motor.  Weather forecast for today is light winds from SW to NW then on wed back to E-SE which is the direction we want. Out master angler Martin hooked a great fish,fought with it for more than 15 mins then it was gone.  Just as well as it was too big even by fish talk. Still getting a few flying fish each night. Our food stocks are doing really well and we still have about 12 sliced pans left for martins mixtos(toasted ham&cheese). As I write we. read more...


Emilija - Sunday 4th Dec.

Well Hi All, Still out here in the deep blue sea, and the sun shinning and we are all melting. The day was light winds, however making some progress, this morning we had 669 miles to go. No fish today as Martin (the gog) must have thought it was a day of rest.  Twinsailsstill going great, you hardly ever touch them.  Got the washing done today and some showers, so productive.  Clare had roast chicken for dinner and veg and potatoes,  Jennie had Icecream and pears, so we are hard off.  Its very hot apx 30deg and night 26/27 .  Big swells in the sea, so sometimes hard to sleep and some shifts feel long.  Everybody well and we will have 6 of the best livers and flushed out kidneys when we get to St Lucia.  The Betty Ford Clinic is looking after that.. read more...


Emilija - 3rd December

.hmmessage P { PADDING-BOTTOM: 0px; MARGIN: 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 0px; PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; PADDING-TOP: 0px } BODY.hmmessage { FONT-FAMILY: Tahoma; FONT-SIZE: 10pt }Hello all. Today has been a quiet day not a lot to report, the boat not doing as much rocking and rolling the winds have dropped a little and speed has dropped slightly, hopefully we will see a few squalls tonight to push us along however the twin headsails are brill you hardly need to adjust them. Sleep patterns have improved in the last 24hrs the swell is not as big the only thing making sleeps a little difficult are the rising temps. We spotted two boats today these were the first we had seen in a day or two. The position report says we covered 188 miles in 24hrs not bad. We taught we had a tuna biting the fishing line as the. read more...

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