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Pinta, Bijou and Jojo Circus
Pinta, Bijou and Jojo Circus 09/02/2018

Its a bird, its place, no wait...its Rick on Amara
Its a bird, its place, no wait...its Rick on Amara 09/02/2018

Bijou 1st Place Class B
Bijou 1st Place Class B 09/02/2018

Alora 1st Place Class A
Alora 1st Place Class A 09/02/2018

Lunatix 3rd Place Class A
Lunatix 3rd Place Class A 09/02/2018

Adrienne 2nd Place Class A
Adrienne 2nd Place Class A 09/02/2018

Libeccio 2nd Place Multihull Division
Libeccio 2nd Place Multihull Division 09/02/2018

Isla Contadora Anchorage
Isla Contadora Anchorage 09/02/2018

Rally Control at the World ARC Mansion
Rally Control at the World ARC Mansion 09/02/2018

Welcome 27/01/2018

Traditional style of cooking
Traditional style of cooking 27/01/2018

Sloth 27/01/2018

Medicine 27/01/2018

Traditional Lunch
Traditional Lunch 27/01/2018

Haley from Cayuse
Haley from Cayuse 27/01/2018

Traditional Embera Stove
Traditional Embera Stove 27/01/2018

Local Education
Local Education 27/01/2018

Welcome Dance
Welcome Dance 27/01/2018

Embera Community Kitchen
Embera Community Kitchen 27/01/2018

Celebration Dance
Celebration Dance 27/01/2018

Ants on the move
Ants on the move 27/01/2018