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Susan Ann II arrive in Rodney Bay
Susan Ann II arrive in Rodney Bay 14/12/2017

Congratulations Avel Biz - smallest boat in the fleet
Congratulations Avel Biz - smallest boat in the fleet 14/12/2017

Micoton 7 Father Son team
Micoton 7 Father Son team 14/12/2017

Welcome to Sequentia!
Welcome to Sequentia! 14/12/2017

Cheers Ellen!
Cheers Ellen! 14/12/2017

Congratulations Kallima
Congratulations Kallima 14/12/2017

Congratulations Amanda
Congratulations Amanda 14/12/2017

Welcome to @TeamTigress
Welcome to @TeamTigress 14/12/2017

Welcome to Tanquilo
Welcome to Tanquilo 14/12/2017

Congratulations Madeleine 2
Congratulations Madeleine 2 14/12/2017

Welcome to Julia
Welcome to Julia 14/12/2017

Welcome to Jua Kali
Welcome to Jua Kali 14/12/2017

Well done Ellen!
Well done Ellen! 14/12/2017

Kapalai in Rodney Bay
Kapalai in Rodney Bay 14/12/2017

Welcome to Surya
Welcome to Surya 14/12/2017

Welcome to Into the Blue
Welcome to Into the Blue 14/12/2017

Rum Delivery to Dew
Rum Delivery to Dew 14/12/2017

Milanto in Rodney Bay
Milanto in Rodney Bay 14/12/2017

Congratulations Tiffin
Congratulations Tiffin 14/12/2017

Congratulations Lei Lei
Congratulations Lei Lei 14/12/2017

Welcome to Think Twice
Welcome to Think Twice 14/12/2017