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Scarlet Lady - Log Day 20 - Free day in Oeiras

Today was a free day in Oeiras, to do as we pleased.  Most people spent the day catching up on jobs on the boat, laundry and shopping.  Some of the rally participants painted a picture on the harbour wall using oil paints.  As neither of us on our boat is artistic, we opted out of this.  By lunchtime, Karma Wins, Miss Charlotte and Firedrake had all painted masterpieces on the wall and Steve and I wandered over to take some photos.
After a lovely lunch in one of the marina cafes, we headed off on a tour of Oeiras.  This took us to the Poets Park, a park dedicated to Portugese poets, past and present.  The park was stunning.  It was laid out as a tree, with the pathways being the treetrunk and branches and each poet had a mini garden in the shape of a leaf dedicated to them.  There was a marble sculpture of the poet in each 'leaf' in various poses.  The park also had a mini ampitheatre and was situated next to a stadium which hosts the occasional concert.  Sting is due to play there next week.
When we left the park, we headed to the Black Powder Museum.  This is on the site of an old gunpowder factory dating back to the 17th Century.  Over the centuries there have been many explosions, resulting in the loss of many lives and this museum is a tribute to all those who died.
On the way back from our tour, we stopped at a supermarket and bought a few bits and pieces to see us through until we get to Lagos.  Tonight, we ate Al Fresco in the cockpit and had pork and apple casserole which I had prepared in our pressure cooker.  We retired early to be well rested for our sail to Sines tomorrow. 

Lynne, Steve & John

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