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Owner Russ Altendorff
Design Moody 44
Length Overall 13 m 10 cm
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number

Enterprise is a Moody 44

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Enterprise - The Bucket List

42.07.602N 008.50.556W 0215hrs 14 June 2012   We arrive in Baiona. The final approach was taxing. A pitch black night; a ribbon of distant town lights; and leading lights to home in on. I don’t trust the chart plotter (GPS may be out of position) or my charts (could be out of date)... I focus my tired brain and weakening eyesight on the ..leading light what does occulting mean!...we gingerly glide past the submerged rocks (unlit) I cant see any cardinal marks...just town lights and sinister would be very inconvenient if I ran aground or sank within a few miles of the marina after crossing Biscay. Eventually we make out the marina breakwater and call up Rally Control. Poor Andrew Bishop he tries to explain to a befuddled skipper how to approach. read more...


Enterprise - The Boy & The Funnel

42.35.416N 009.53.760W 1720 hrs 13 June 2012  I am sitting in the cockpit, Jaz just served up a very spicy biriyani, Santana is playing, the sea is blue; the Spanish sun is beating down - we are 50 nm from Baiona. Life doesn't get better than this.  Poor old Nick, the Rally Portugal organiser, he has promised to take our lines when we arrive...that will be 3am at this rate!....sorry Nick :-)  For the past 24 hours we have faced the dreaded Cape Finisterre...But this time it was like a lake. I wont scoff...I am doing this again in July!  Over the past 24hrs there was no wind, well perhaps 1kt. We had to use the iron sail - very unsatisfactory and annoying.  I estimate we have 20 hrs worth of fuel left and over 150 miles to go. I was so eager to leave for the start. read more...


Enterprise - Cape Finisterre Approaches

44.22.213N 009.50.075W1830 hrs 12 June 2012  Evening approaches and we have to set the boat up for the night. We are approaching the dreaded Cape Finisterre and the weather is benign despite expectations. I was expecting the worst but it looks ok - so far. I can tell from the Rally Control reports that many skippers - far wiser than I, took their chance and went further inland, inside the traffic separation zone. I will stick to our original plan and go outside the TSS. Longer I know, but this is "not a race" Rally Portugal.  The Rally Organisers have stressed that this is "not a race" but a Rally. Of course we all agreed with this. But I suspect it is like standing outside the exam hall when all your friends are telling you they have not. read more...


Enterprise - Designer Sailing

44.15.711N 009.53.379W1930 hrs 12 June 2012  Going below on a yacht pitching and yawing at sea is an experience. First you have to negotiate the companionway steps which must be done with speed but not haste, lest you are pitched into the saloon below, Inevitably you will hit one of those beautifully rounded, but very hard, mahogany corners. the impact on your body which you have honed to perfection by years of desk work will be painful, and provide another lasting memory.  Then you have to remove your lifejacket which is like one of those old parachute harnesses you see on fly boys in the old war movies. Ours are fully equipped with a whistle, a knife, a strobe light and an automatic gas cylinder. The crutch straps have to be stepped out. read more...


Enterprise - Diesel is not a brand

44.58.224N 009.29.112W1237 hrs 12 June 2012  The boat is bowling along at 6kts. The sun is shining I am wondering why the generator starts and then cuts out after 10 mins. with no apology. The batteries are on red alert. I forgot to check them! I went down below after persuading my loyal crew to come back on watch. Opening the engine compartment I am greeted by the sight of my trusty old Volvo diesel. Its much like visiting an aged but distant relation. You know you should visit more regularly, you like visiting but there is always a whiff of something not quite right. Hopefully in the case of your aged relation it wont be the smell of diesel or the pools of oil under them.  Back to the generator, housed in the engine compartment and. read more...

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