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Kalista - Wind, Pop Tarts, Landfall

After no wind for 3 days it finally filled in and we started making some good mileage days. But of course the wind was coming from the South the same direction that we were going. As all Sailors know, pounding to windward is just not fun especially in large swells and confused lumpy seas. Thank goodness Kalista has a good auto-pilot because hand steering in those rough conditions would have been exhausting and not very efficient.

We used three different weather sources then threw a dart at the chart to see where the wind would come from and how hard she would blow. The weather sources kept reporting the wind would change to North-East which would have put it over the port aft quarter and allowed us to run on a broad reach, making our ride way more comfortable and faster. We set the sails to run as hard as we could to make up time, Kalista likes running hard with a bone in her teeth and she treated us to sailing as it is meant to be.

Exhilarating during daylight, scary as heck in the pitch dark of night as we roared along hoping we would miss the boat hunting squalls with their powerful wind gusts and directional changes. 
During watches the conversations turn to any and all topics. We discussed religion, families, our pasts our hopes for the future any topic that can be imagined. One of our best conversations was when "Friar Dave" aka Amish Dave, expounded on how perfect an emergency food Pop tarts are.
There's nothing real in them to spoil since they are made from cardboard and artificial artificial filling with paste frosting all of which is wrapped in a foil wrapper that can be used as a signal mirror, sewn into a space blanket, used as a patch for any hole in the life raft. Only one downfall to the wrapper, really doesn't make good toilet paper! Will start marketing them as Emergency Tarts to all off shore sailors and life raft manufacturers. 

We made landfall around 7 pm. on Tuesday the 22nd. You would think the first thing we would do is get off the boat. No, we tied up and just sat in the cockpit reveling in the reality of finally having made it and somewhat hesitant in leaving the security of Kalista after she kept us safe for our 11 day passage. We experienced everything from no wind to wind in the 30 kt. range with large confused seas, weather from hurricane scares to beautiful starry nights. Would we do it again? Yes, because it allows us to live and make decisions that truly have a direct effect on the Universe of Kalista.

To all those who haven't do
To all those who have do it again

Happy Holidays and Peace to all from the crew of Kalista,

Capt. John Swift
First Mate: Bonnie Swift
Friar Dave Hazel, aka Amish Dave
Jester Ted Currier

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