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Lady - Passage to Tortola - Day 2

Saturday November 12th to Sunday November 13th, 2011

At Sea.

The light wind continued yesterday afternoon on through the night.

At evening roll-call, three of the boats announced their fishing catches, Wahoo from catamaran Southern Cross, Mahi from Archangel and Bonita from Rum Runner. We had our newly-created fishing gear in the water, but the only thing we've been able to catch so far is Sargasso weed. Part of the problem may have been that the lure still had it's protective plastic cover on it. Our fishing seminar leader, musician Davis Murray (, is riding on Archangel, so that may be why they are catching. We are trying again today, but in case we don't catch anything, I have a beef stew defrosting.

With such light wind, sometimes right on our nose, we have done a lot of motoring. Our noon position today was 33.32N 071 53W - another 978 nautical miles to go to the finish.

After lunch, the wind came up, and we were able to turn off the engine - it had been going for over 24 hours, with a couple of breaks. Unfortunately, the wind is on our nose, coming directly from the Virgin Islands, so we are sailing close hauled, which may explain for some of our readers why Lady is heading south, instead of south-east this afternoon.

I have finished one book, my knitting progresses, and the trip continues to go well. Charlie and Steve are both doing well also.


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