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Infinity of Yar - Let the journey begin!

18 months of planning and we were only 50 minutes late leaving Cowes! OK, so there are a few jobs still to be done before the start of ARC Portugal next weekend but confidence is rising. We found space for all the spares, tools and safety equipment Infinity might need during her year away. Then we had to find more space for 30kg of granola, 80 cans of tonic water, 800 teabags, 7kgs of coffee... I’m relieved to discover this is for the ARC+ too!

The first leg of our long journey was a short motor to Lymington yesterday (Saturday 27th May) and then a lovely sail to Portland today in gorgeous sunshine and a 10kt following breeze most of the time. Jules came with us from Cowes but had to get back to London, so we dropped her and Arkwright the racing pigeon off in Weymouth before anchoring in Portland for the night.

I guess you want to know more about Arkwright. He joined us in Weymouth Bay and settled down on the foredeck to enjoy the ride. With a racing tag on his leg, we thought he might be mid-race and in need of a rest. After reporting his presence to his owner though, we discovered he had been missing for a year. Clearly sleeping rough in Weymouth was more appealing than racing for a living!

Many, many thanks to those who have given their expert advice, time and in one case also much of the contents of their 40’ container to help us get to this point. We hope you’ll enjoy tracking us and reading our blogs.


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