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Avventura - Bermuda - Azores : Day 9

38:01.070N 44:00.245W alle 22:00 (23:00 UTC) del 25 maggio 2023.
How does it feel? To swim alongside your friends and family, moving effortlessly in your element. To chase some fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To know the other creatures of the sea, meet whales, turtles and octopus. To see the familiar shape of a hull in the middle of nowhere, and playfully go swim alongside it. On top of it are peculiar beings, you can see them when you jump in the air. They are strangely thin and tall, with long fins that they use to wave at you. They seem more excited the more you jump and swim close, so you keep doing it. When swimming on your side, you look at each other in the eyes. It's nice to meet new friends, why don't they jump in and swim with you?

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