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Time Out - Time Out - Day 6 Bermuda to Azores

Day 5 in our Atlantic crossing. The last 12h has been completely different from what we have had till now, the wind arrived early, and mostly ruined our night, with 25 kts of wind, TimeOut started accelerating and we did 9kt East all night long, in itself not a problem, but wind doesn’t come without waves, and the boat movement made it hard to sleep for most of us. Luckily around Noon today it subsided and everybody could get a nap and recover some of the sleep we missed…. Just a short reprieve as we expect the wind to come back again in the following hours, probably in for a repeat of last night :-) We continue to make very good progress to our destination and the miles start shrinking, everybody is at home and used to the various activities on the boat. We have had a couple of visits from pods of Dolphins who have come to play with the boat, the smaller variety, with a couple of member who were quite acrobatic showing off their capabilities to jump and twist. No fishing with the fast sailing! The only unfortunate thing is because of the NW system coming down across the Atlantic, there are clouds everywhere, and the days are Grey and a bit dismal. Temperature continue to decline as well, long gone are the blue sky’s of the Bahamas and the warm temperature.

Nautical Miles travelled - 770
Distance to Destination - 1100
Fish caught - ZERO :-(

Jim Saunders - sv TimeOut

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