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Remedy - Last 100 miles

This mark that is unseen by the naked eye or estimated by our keen since of smell. But oh yes, there on the chart plotter was the proof, 99.9 to go. I am sure for our larger and faster brethren this was a fast trip, but not to be for Remedy. We were prepared for a few days of rough weather, but we have had only a few days of nice weather. In 2 words, BEAM SEAS, almost every day, cooking in them has to be an art I will need to master with only 3 dinner meals, 3 breakfast meals, and 2 hot lunches under my belt. I had hoped for 50% of the meals, but I hope now to get one more in this 100 miles well short of the goal. It is time for the last supper on this trip, I think it too will be cold sandwiches or microwave soup. No one will complain, eating is only slightly easier than cooking, as your food can slide by on the way to the deck. My 3 crew, Janette, Jeff, and Ed would mutiny, but the domestic water went out day 2 and I am the only one to get it to work. Just lucky for me. The
sun is on it's way down and last night watches soon to start with the hope of a slice of Tortola for breakfast. Wish us good luck, we have had enough of the other type of luck.

Lee Dennis

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