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Isbjorn - Motorboatin' through the Night

By Mia Karlsson

Saturday November 12, 0700

Good morning everyone!

It's been a loud night onboard Isbjorn, literally! Yesterday afternoon the wind got lighter and lighter but enough wind to keep sailing. As it got even lighter the only course we could hold and also keep the sails full was around 220T - we tried for about an hour. Sailing in the wrong direction is at least better than motoring. But around 5 pm the wind was just about non existent and we gave up and turned on the engine. Unfortunately our "sunset dinner on the balcony" had to be in company of the engine...

Life is good onboard Isbjorn, crew is happy and well rested. Tom came back from seasickness about 3 days ago and has been a happy clam ever since! Yesterday morning we had the shortest spinnaker run ever on Isbjorn. After the tedious process of getting the pole up and spinnaker set, it lasted less than 2 minutes. As David and Ed hoisted it, Andy was back at the the helm surfing down a wave at 10 kt, spinnaker almost out of control in the still pretty big swell. It came down in a hurry and we may attempt to hoist it again today if the wind comes up a bit.

As I type, it is 7am on Saturday. Capt. Andy is asleep, Bruce and Tom are about to come off watch and Ed and David are going on watch. Bruce is filling out the logbook as we do every 3 hr after watch change. I am about to attempt some breakfast muffins, first time on Isbjorn. I picked up a muffin pan before we left and downloaded a receipt from the net, I hope for a positive result :)


Mia & the Crew on Isbjorn

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