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Shelena - Day 7 The best things in life are free!

21:40.15N 66:11.26W
11 November, 2016

Getting close to destination Tortola now. Approximately 225 Nm left so with
our daily distance around 180 Nm per 24 hours it is arrival in the wee hours
of Sunday morning. Helen is looking forward to that and Petri has booked his
flight home to Finland on Sunday afternoon. So we had better not be late.

Today has, as always, been interesting and reminds me why I love sailing.
There is little certainty about where you will get to, or how the weather
will behave. I was fortunate enough to sleep late this morning after several
nights of only a few hours sleep. In bed at 0330 I was only just up in time
for the SSB chat at 1030. We are still eager to catch fish for dinner and so
I duly mentioned this . I was told that there is an old saying that with a
woman aboard success is assured if she can spit on the lure! Just to prove
we on Shelena do not succumb to such tales. More to the point Petri landed a
delicious mahi-mahi at about 1630. He really is an expert in fileting fish.
We were eating it within 2 hours. Superb! Plenty for we three and enough for
the freezer. That is one of the delights of sailing. Like I say you don't
know when you will catch a fish or what it might be. As uncertain as the
weather. Both fish and weather are free. Like a few other things I can think
of too. So as I say, the best things in life are free!

All is well on Shelena.

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