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Shelena - Day 4 - Leaving the wife is never easy especially for a younger man!

29:40.67N 070:51.09W

8th November, 2016

So we enjoyed a nice sail from the start line followed by motoring for hours
before sails were once again at work. We skirted the southern impact of a
gale providing lively seas and energetic winds. So what about sleep? We all
need it. With 3 persons on board Helen is excused night watch given that she
does all the catering. She does keep us all company until she turns in at
about 2230. To date I have done the slot from say 2000 to 0230. Petri picks
up the watch through until 0700; or in the case of this morning, until 0830.
Thanks Petri! We arrived at this pattern because Petri is from Finland.
This means that Petri's body clock is some 6 hours ahead of US time. It
seems to work; but my problem is that I have not slept well at all on
account of the strong surge of waves that cook-screws Shelena causing my
body to literally slide over the bed! After two sleepless nights something
had to be done. So it was that I left my wife and our cavernous aft cabin
for Petri's small bunk cabin alongside the mast. Oh bliss! Quality sleep for
five and a half hours.

All is well aboard. A happy boat I would say! Incidentally, we have logged
more than 550 Nm so must be about one third of our passage completed.


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