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Shelena - SHELENA Departs USA

36:44.85N 075:46.2W

5th November, 2016

First thing to say is, HAPPY BIIRTHDAY ME!

The ARC 1500 departed one day earlier than expected. So no celebration
dinner ashore today. Instead, being reasonably well prepared, we had a super
meal at the Mediterranean restaurant in the High St, Portsmouth. It was
actually really good. Helen, my wife, and Petri our crew from Finland made
up our triumvirate. This means a second celebration tonight at sea. So I see
that as definitely positive. Now a word about Petri. The fact is that I have
only seen him twice in my life. First time was the ARC+ last year when he
joined us for that crossing. That too left the Canaries in November so Petri
was there. Here we are again, our second ARC, but the 1500, and here is
Petri again! Fantastic! Now our final crew has been uncertain to the last
minute. I had intended to hire crew from a well known agency in the UK. I
said the passage departed 6th November. This was misunderstood as crew
arrives the 6th, but not until late evening. This was never going to work,
especially with an earlier departure. Helen to the rescue! Or rather I did
all that pre-cooking and bought all that yummy food, so I will come too. And
so it was that Helen was able to cancel her flight to the Caribbean and
instead sail. Excellent. Something are meant to be.

In terms of weather, the winds are very much lighter than expected. 9 knots
is not enough for Shelena and her near 30 ton weight. We hope for
better to come and that is what is forecast. All is well from Shelena and
her crew. Oh, and thanks top my there daughters for the birthday card.!
Love to All,

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