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Owner Richard Murphy & Raffaella Saggin
Design 50' Custom Steel Schooner
Length Overall 15 m
Flag United Kingdom
Sail Number None

Our family has decided to take a sabbatical from work and go sailing. We are starting in June 2017 in the Iles de la Madeleine and will travel down the east coast of Canada and the USA until we get to Portsmouth, VA. Where we will join the Carib1500 rally to the BVI. Once in the BVI will we continue to sail down the Caribbean islands for winter. Onboard is myself, Richard, I have been sailing all my life and have always dreamed of sailing away. Raffaella my wife, who was introduced to sailing by me and is a willing participant in our adventure. We also have 2 boys, Sebastian aged 9 and Matthew aged 7. Both boys have also been sailing all their short lives. Joining us on the rally are 2 good friends, George Young and Rick Raymond. George is new to sailing but is an excellent engineer who can fix anything. Rick is a long time sailing racer of J-21's. Our boat is Numada. She is a custom 50' steel schooner with 2 identical masts and has 2 head sails. For more info go to our website.

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Numada - log day 11 dolphin day

Our day started with a beautiful sunrise and a pod of about 10 dolphins who came to play under our bow: of course by the time we woke the children up and brought them outside, they were all gone.Dolphins showed up again at lunch time and it was really a special treat! We are making progress South one tack at the time, hoping the wind to turn South West tonight.. read more...


Numada - log day 8 Matthew’s birthday

Today we celebrated Matthew’s birthday with pancakes for breakfast, gifts, birthday cake and a movie in the afternoon all in rolling swells and being bounced all over the place. I am still amazed the cake did not end up on the floor!! We have also started heading south towards Tortola which has brighten our moods a lot. image1. read more...


Numada - log day 7 baking on Numada

Matthew is turning 8 tomorrow so today he baked a vanilla cake that we are going to decorate with chocolate frosting and fill it with salted caramel sauce!! Last night we had to deal with several squalls and this morning ended up changing course for 3 hours to avoid a very large one: I have never seen so much Lightning in my life. Lastly today I made the discovery that fruit flies can infect the galley even 500 miles from land!!image1. read more...


Numada - log day 6 square sail is back on Numada

Our captain has managed to repair the square sail and after lunch we put it back up in the hope to gain a little more speed in this 5-10 knots wind which is not enough to get our 25 tons steel boat moving at decent speed. At the moment it seems we have gained 1 extra knotversus the reacher sail we put up yesterday: fingers crossed!! The crew has also enjoyed the last two nights watch without squalls or showers: we are all feeling more rested and relaxed, what a difference!!. The children have been reading a lot, made some Thanksgiving decorations and built some nice tunnels and forts using all the pillows, blankets and towels they could find on the boat. image1. read more...


Numada - log day 4 trip up the mast on Numada

Unfortunately our square sail that we like to use in light winds snapped in the upper clew. We quickly rescued the sail but ended up with the up haul line on top of the mast. So the captain decided to climb up: Richard has done it many times before but this was his first time out at sea. Everything went well but Richard felt a bit sea sick afterwards. In this way we ended up using a reacher sail to speed us up: that is the beauty of having two masts!!image1. read more...

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