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World ARC 2017-18 in Cocos Keeling

After leaving Christmas Island, World ARC crews are now in Cocos Keeling, well rested and prepared for their next adventures

Following a relatively short stopover in Christmas Island World ARC fleet have now arrived in their next paradise, the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, a tiny group of coral islands that form two atolls with only two of the 27 islands inhabited..

On arrival in Cocos the fleet anchor in Port Refuge, a beautiful bay on the western edge of Direction Island where they clear in with the Australian Federal Police and Customs.


'Port Refuge'  is a stunning stop with beautiful clear water, waving palm trees, a mile of sandy beach. There are also shelters on the on the Island where cruisers get together to cook supper, drink, and exchange tales. A famous snorkeling location called “the Rip” is located just along the beach at the eastern tip of the island.


While in Cocos (Keeling) Islands a number of crews visited West Island on a wonderful tour that included a brunch at a stunning beach in the lagoon. The tour also visited a number of local highlights and included a brief history of the islands.

Friday all crews gathered for a BBQ on the beach in Direction Island to celebrate the 65th Birthday of Jorgen from Take Off and the 60th Birtday of Gary from Sandvita: 

" I didn't expect that, the best Birthday I've ever had!" Gary 


On Sunday following the Skippers Briefing held in the shelters ashore on Direction Island, World ARC arranged a lovely beach BBQ that all participants really enjoyed! All food and equipment was brought over from West Island and all rubbish removed at the end.


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