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Aniara II - May 22

 22 May 

We are now more than halfway towards the Azores and have not more than 750 NM to go. We plot our exact position at 13.00 every day, and calculate our speed and make up our plans after that. It´s now just after 13.00 and we have done it again. During the last 24 hours we sailed 192,4 NM, which gives an average of more than 8 knots. This is as long distance as a Stena ferry goes on two return trips Gothenburg - Fredrikshamn. Wind is moderate, 12-15 knots, from North and we are still heading 80 degrees directly towards Horta. Total distance sailed on this leg is 1039 NM and our total average speed is 7,2 knots.

Bosse, one of our favorite crew members, asked in a mail about our night watches. We have three 4-hours-watches starting at 20.00. We rotate the watches forward so everyone get the most wished watch, between 04.00-08.00 every third day. That´s the watch when the night disappears and the sun rise just in our noses. Since we use Bermuda-time as the official Aniara-time it is almost daylight at 04.00. Time difference between Bermuda and the Azores is three hours.

Since it is cold in the sea (18,3 degrees) and we ration our fresh water supply onboard our hair washing intervals are somewhat questionable. Soon we probably all will look like Bob Marley with our dreadlock coiffures.  Today we opened our last package of fresh milk so from tomorrow we have to use our Rice- or Soyamilk to get our Café ou Lait. (That’s about the biggest problem we have out here). It´s rather cold during the nights so we have to wear at least three layers of clothing and a good windbreaker during our night watches. During daytime we have had a little bit of sun but it is mostly cloudy.  This morning were visited by 30-40 dolphins who played  with Aniara for half an hour. You always get a good spirit when you meet these animals.

Yesterday we almost caught another huge fish, but it disappeared, as usual, bringing parts of our fishing gears. We are soon out of both excuses and tackles.

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