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First Edition lll
Owner David Leyland
Design Catalina 42 Mkll
Length Overall 41 feet 10 inches
Flag United States of America
Sail Number

Sailing in ARC Europe 2012 - USA to Portugal.
Catalina 42 MK II - new standing rigging & life lines
Sails: Main, Genoa, Yankee Jib, Trysail
Solar Panels & Wind Generator

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First Edition lll - We are OK!!!

1500 UTC May 30 Most of the gale has passed, the waves still huge, winds 20+.I am in the cockpit and notice one of the snaps on the dodger is loose and I reattach it, just tidying up. .Susan laughs till tears roll down her cheeks - Why does she laugh at my absurd attempt to tidy up??? Because several hours earlier we were hit with a powerful rogue wave that crushed and tore the dodger.WE had been in "hove to" throughout the night and then after daylight while Susan was typing an email to friends and family - BANG - the wave hit - KNOCK DOWN!!! - The dodger was crushed onto the companionway top, gallons of water sprayed through a closed leaky port light, the rub rail on the leeward side of the boat was torn loose and everything that was not nailed down "and mean everything including the. read more...


First Edition lll - you can feel it in the air

last night on watch while eating black eyed peas and rice, comfort food from the American South, the air was moist and heavy, the invisible layer of salt on all surfaces, which is hygroscopic, has caused the cushions become moist and the cabin floor wet and slippery. The barometer had dropped to 1002. No change in the barometer at daylight as I sip tea, but the waves are building. A blanket of thick stratus clouds are blanketing the sky from northwest to southeast. Signals that a storm is coming soon. We are using the 20 kt winds from the west to push us to Horta, but soon we must consider whether to continue toward Horta in what is predicted to be 35 kt plus winds and 15 ft seas. This boat plans to "hove to" a sailing term that means idle in place in relative comfort and let the storm. read more...


First Edition lll - getting there

Rocked about this afternoon under sunny skies. 20 knot NW winds drive us northeasterly at more than 6 kts, while 4+ meter waves from the north rock us to and fro. Otto, our invisible crew member at the helm corrects course as each wave passes. Loose items within the cabin have migrated to the starboard side floor. We are happy to have the winds as they move us more quickly toward safe harbor, hot showers, intoxicating beverages and the company of fellow sailors.. read more...


First Edition lll - Respecting the sea

May 26 For three days we float around with little or no wind. Wishing for wind, a gale is forecast. In the early hours of last night with very little warning from Mother Nature, the wind shifts and picks up to 25 kts. Changing course and trimming sails, we are both awake. Since departing Bermuda we have encountered several challenges. Our rigging issues have been resolved. However, we continue to have battery charging problems and use our power sparingly. Now we deal with Mother Nature 25 kt. winds and seas 2-3 meters. After scrambling to trim sails, I pause to take a moment and watch the veracity of the North Atlantic, I witness it's beauty at the same time. The sky is grey and the sea is dark grey but, the sun is trying it's best to shine. I watch breaking waves back lit by the. read more...


First Edition lll - The Dinner Menu for This Evening

1528 UTC May 24 Inspired by boasts from s/v Wild Goose earlier today on the net, First Edition III will be serving: Fresh caught black fin tuna, gently marinated in a blend of tamari & wasabi encrusted with edamame and pan seared in virgin olive oil. Vegetable medley with basmati rice finished with uva plum vinegar & capersSushi available as an appetizer.. read more...

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