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Povoa de Varzim

Yesterday evening the fleet began to arrive in to Clube Naval Povoense in Portugal. Due to a foggy start the rally left in their own time and the leg was non-competitive.

Unfortunately shortly after leaving, Kahleesi experienced problems with their engine. Within minutes of making a VHF call Ian and Westa from A’r mor dirion were alongside and did a fantastic job of towing Khaleesi back to Bayona. They were safely docked in Monte Real Club de Yates to rectify their problem (and are now underway again and planning to catch up with the fleet in Porto this evening, Tuesday).

The fog started to lift shortly after the fleet departed. Although the wind remained light all yachts reported a great day on the water, with lots of dolphins sighted on the 50nm passage from Bayona to Povoa. The wind started to pick up as the fleet arrived making the downwind berths difficult to get in to. Thankfully the marina staff were on the pontoons and did an excellent job assisting with taking lines and ensuring all yachts docked safely.

Once the yachts had settled, a minibus shuttled participants in to town to the “Sailor man and Friends” restaurant where the Clube Naval Povoense first started in 1907. The participants enjoyed aperitifs upon arrival shortly followed by a traditional rice and meat dish and selection of deserts. Marina president Paoulo Neves and Carlos Fortes joined the dinner and chatted with participants.

After dinner it was time for the prize giving which was presented by Andrew Bishop and Club President Paulo Neves. Just before the prize giving started Ian and Westa from A’r mor dirion entered the restaurant and in true rally spirit were greeted by a loud round of applause, after arriving late following their tow of Kahleesi. The Smiley Miley competition was won by Snow Goose, who incredibly managed to guess just 1km off the actual distance driven by the rally control team. The ETA competition was won by Serafina of Maldon, who were only 9 m 50 sec away from their actual arrival time. A special prize was awarded to Ian and Westa for towing in Kahleesi.


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