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Foggy Start from Baiona

On Sunday 19 June, the ARC Portugal rally participants enjoyed the sunny weather Baiona had to offer during a free day to explore the town. At 1700 the Skippers Briefing took place at the Monte Real Club de Yates which was followed by drinks and starters out on the terrace where the prize giving for both Leg 1 (Plymouth to Falmouth) and Leg 2 (Falmouth to Baiona) took place.

The prize for the overall winner of Leg 1 in class A was given to the crew of the Hallberg Rassy 48 “Blonde Moment” and the crew of Najad 460 “Serafina of Maldon” were the overall winners of class B.

The Smiley Miley fun prize is given to the boat who has the closest guess to what the rally team actually drive from one port to another. Leg 1 - Plymouth to Falmouth, Nigel and Jill from “Blue Monde” guessed 118.28 Km which was exactly what the rally team drove! Gary from Arcarius also won a Smiley Miley prize for guessing 72 miles just 1.6 miles off what the rally team actually drove.


Leg 2 which was a non-competitive leg, the Smiley Miley from Port Pendennis to Cowes the team drove 253 miles and the prize was given to Paul and Dee of “Blonde Moment” who guessed 231 miles. Nigel and Jill from “Blue Monde” were only 10 kilometres out when guessing the distance driven from Porto to Baiona which was 139 Km. The ETA winner was Tom and Emily from “Neverland” who were only 1 hour 29 mins off their actual arrival time.

After the prizes and tapas starters, participants made their way into the Monte Real Club de Yates where a lovely meal of local fish or meat was waiting for them.

This morning, the pre-departure check out took place at the rally office at 0900 however due to heavy fog the start was cancelled and the boats were asked to leave at their own pace in order to get to the welcome dinner tonight at Povoa de Varzim.


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