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Layla - Destination is in sight 19 Nov 19

Well on the chart plotter it is in sight as I write this we have about 150 nm to go to get to Mindelo. We had a great sail today wing on wing for long periods, the waves have reduced and it had been delightful eating up the miles in the sunshine. It has been lovely to take your off shift time outside and to catch up on your sleep in the sunshine.

Today we have finally experienced a day like the ones we had all imagined.

Overnight we had a few visitors in the shape of flying fish landing on the deck – given that we are 100s miles from land a fish must be very unlucky to land on our decks. The fishing competition resumed today with all three rods in play…. Rods 0 Fish 3 so far- we were told it was about 1000 miles per fish which at this rate it means we will have to wait. Our citrus fruit is starting to fade so we will replace the lemons and limes in anticipation of a tuna catch!

Out turnaround time in Mindelo is going to be very short because after watching the fleet leave Las Palmas without us, this time we want to join and leave with everyone else. So far our in port job list stands 14 items long and to reassure…. laundry and cleaning do feature. We have emailed the Arc Rally team for help and advice on how to get certain things done or at least get them arranged before we arrive.

Hopefully this time tomorrow we will be there….

Paul Layla Blogger

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