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Aluaka - Day 1 The Start

The boat is ready, but are we ready for the new adventure? We have saw the meteo forecast, will not be easy. The meteo expert in the morning confirm a strong breeze of 28kn, but I’m not scare about wind intensity, however from the waves. The Atlantic’s waves are big and powerful. I’m thinking to the kids on the others boats.
We are out from the harbor quite early, the kids on the sail school dinghy said ‘Hey, Hallo, Ciao...’.
We hoisted the main, watching the start of the catamarans division. After few minutes it our time:3,2,1 GO. It funny to see many different boats with different sail plan.S. Someone is sailing full main and jib showing a tech-dress, other are just taking the right decision. In one hour we were closed to some of the catamarans. The wind is 30-35 kn, the waves are big,3m or more. The boat starts to sail to the virtual buoy. Someone has to stop and reverse, some reduce the sails. We are in the leader group and when we saw back it’s full of withe sails. They go up and down, according to the wave’s dance.
During the night we had a nice full moon, and decided to keep only one sail.
An email told us we are first! Ah but we are cruisers not racers. Funny life. We will see, the adventure just start.

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