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Air-Sea Rescue in Las Palmas

ARC+ participants have had the great opportunity to witness an Air-Sea Rescue provided by the great team at Salvamento Maritimo in Las Palmas. From the eastern wall to the beach nearby you could hear the helicopter doing a demonstration, many of us are lucky to never see.

ASR is the coordinated search and rescue (SAR) of the survivors of emergency water landings as well as people who have survived the loss of their seagoing vessel. ASR can involve a wide variety of resources including seaplanes, helicopters, submarines, rescue boats and ships. Specialized equipment and techniques have been developed. Military and civilian units can perform air-sea rescue.

In Las Palmas today and maintaining a recommended distance it was interesting to watch how a helicopter approached the vessel and dropped a diver to retrieve a life sized dummy back to the helicopter. We hope you got to see it, learn from it and enjoy it, even in these COVID-19 times.

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