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A volcano in Vanuatu

The World ARC Pacific fleet have arrived in Port Resolution on Tanna Island, Vanuatu. As all the boats arrived overnight and in the morning on Tuesday, clearances for the whole fleet were completed in one day. Officials from Customs, Immigration and Biosecurity travelled from Lenakel to Port Resolution, a three hour trip, to clear the boats in. All clearances were completed by lunchtime leaving the first group of boats free to go on the highly popular volcano tour.

The group travelled in the back of three pickup trucks to make the journey to Kastom village a local village near the volcano. The roads are unmade with parts more ‘off roading’ than road so the journey is quite an adventure up and down hills with bumps, craters and an occasional river crossing.

On arrival at the village the fleet were greeted by villagers in traditional dress who welcomed them to the village then performed local dances before demonstrating the uses of different plants in everyday life.


After some time to speak to the villagers and browse and buy local handicrafts the group piled back into the vehicles for the next part of the journey to visit Mount Yasur, an active volcano on the south of the island. Arriving at dusk, there was a short climb up the rocky lava and ash slopes before reaching the crater at the top with plumes of smoke billowing out.

Looking down into the crater through a constant stream of smoke and black clouds at dusk against the backdrop of sunset over the volcano was an incredible experience. As the sun set and the light faded the lava eruptions from deep in the crater were even more spectacular with bright sparks flying up into the night sky.
As many participants commented it was a once in a lifetime experience and definitely not to be missed with the second half of the fleet heading out on the tour the following day.

The fleet have a short stopover in Port Resolution before most of the boats leave on Friday where they will either head straight for Port Villa or some may choose to stop at Erromango, an island on the way.

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